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Merry Christmas and Happy 2012








Merry Christmas and Happy 2012

Dear Friends,

“Peace on Earth, good will toward all people.” It is hard for me, and I think it must be equally hard for you, to imagine any time in history that has been more in need of peace and good will among all people. Or a time when even those of us who name ourselves Christian have been more vulnerable to cynicism and doubt. Where do were look for hope?

Christmas reminds of God’s love and care for all of us. Indeed Christmas demonstrates God’s desire for Shalom. During this festival season let’s continue to be agents of Hope and God’s love by reaching out to people who may not be privileged like us to have shelter, good health and other the necessities of life.

Many thanks for all your support through this year. As always your encouragement and participation in the Micah campaign continues to be a great source of encouragement. A special thank you for praying for us and contributing to the growth of the Micah Challenge coalition in Zambia. Your support is vital in helping with the fight against poverty and achieving the dream of meeting the MDGs. I am always humbled that you consider the work worthy supporting given the myriads of choices you have!

Once again, huge thanks to our many Micah Challenge supporters worldwide, Micah Challenge International and Tear Fund. Your contributions continue to be insightful and relevant. They provide a valuable source to steer the thinking and prioritize issues that need to be covered.

Wishing you all a wonder Christmas and fantastic 2012!!

May the Lord keep you safe and secure during this festive period.







Martin Kapenda

Micah Challenge Zambia

Campaign Coordinator

Prayer Bulletin–Micah Sunday 2011

Prayer Bulletin

Micah Challenge Zambia

A Ministry of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia


Micah Sunday is a global day of prayer to mobilise churches to engage with global poverty issues. It is a time for churches to learn, reflect and act on their belief about the importance of justice, and to commit to the fight for dignity for the most vulnerable. (more…)

10.10.10 Prayer Bulletin

10.10.10 Prayer Bulletin


Prayer underpins all our actions and on Sunday 10th October 2010 it will affirm the importance of listening to God, seeking his wisdom and relying on His strength


and guidance. We want to affirm the importance of listening to God, seeking his wisdom and relying on his strength and guidance. The global prayer for Micah 2010 echoes the themes of Nehemiah who fasted and prayed day and night before he embarked on the mighty task of restoring Jerusalem. The prayer of this campaign arises out of the heart of the Bible itself. The heart-rending prayer of Nehemiah claiming for a full life for its people that return from exile is the theological framework that inspires the 10.10.10 and that will motivate Christians all over the world (more…)

Micah Sunday 2008

Sunday Liturgy and Guide

Micah Sunday is a global day of prayer to mobilize churches to engage with global poverty issues. It is a time for churches to learn, reflect and act on their belief about the importance of justice, and to commit to the fight for dignity for the most vulnerable.

Micah Sunday is celebrated with activities in church services around the world. These activities include prayer times, Biblical reflections and mobilization of faith communities to present public petitions in the fight against poverty within each context.

Micah Sunday 2008 is set for October 19, after the Stand Up 2008. However if you cannot mark Micah Sunday on October 19th, please choose another Sunday before October 19. This year’s Micah Sunday will coincide with Stand Up 2008, a period of high profile for the reduction of poverty in various communities in Zambia.

Aims of Micah Sunday

The aim of this year’s Micah Sunday is to:

  1. Mobilize Christians against poverty
  2. Intercede for our leaders to keep their promise to halve poverty by 2015.
  3. Pray for Zambia to meet her side of commitments to the MDGs.
  4. Take stock of what your church has done to lessen poverty in your community

Service Plan

Pre-service activities

  1. Discuss your aims for the service, including any local aims (e.g. Special Outreach)
  2. Hang posters, send invitations etc
  3. Involve all church members in preparing for the service (e.g. prepare posters illustrating the MDGs)
  4. Ask children to prepare a play, poem and/or song around the MDGs.
  5. Decorate the church in Micah Challenge Colours: Yellow and blue

Arrival Activities

Be ready to greet the congregation before the usual start time. Four options:

  1. Display MDG posters in the church
  2. Arrange the children to present Bible verses, poem or song to illustrate Micah Sunday
  3. Show the Micah Challenge Zambia Video, Agenda to End poverty
  4. Children and youth perform a 5 minute poverty drama.
  5. Read out statistics illustrating the Millennium Development Goals, with pauses for meditation and prayer.

Welcome /Introduction

Briefly introduce Micah Challenge Zambia and read the Micah Call. You could mention the two aims of Micah Challenge and the meaning of integral mission.


Read Isaiah 62: 1-12

Songs of Praise

Choose songs that praise the God of life, protector and carer of creation


Bible Reading

James 1:19-27



Please ask the congregation to join in one or more of the actions indicated below:

  1. Read out the Micah Call and ask everyone to sign it as they leave the church
  2. To pray for our leaders to commit themselves to halve poverty by 2015.


Possible sermon Themes

Psalm 33:1-5 Justice and Righteousness, Isaiah 58 True fasting, Amos 5:21-24 Let Justice roll, Matthew 25:31-46 The least of These, Luke 4:14-19 Good news to the poor, Luke 10:25-37 Who is our neighbour? Luke 11:37-52 neglecting justice, James 1:19-27 Pure religion, James 2: 14-46 Faith and deeds.


To bring to mind the people of many lands and cultures who are joined with us in the Body of Christ, prayers of commitment could be said individually or jointly in as many languages as are represented in the church gathering, or as many languages as you wish.


Stand Up and Take Action


We are writing with more details for the two major Micah Challenge Zambia Mobilization events in the month of October. clip_image002We warmly invite all District Steering Committees to participate in the Stand Up Take Action and Micah Sunday. They do not require significant financial resources and we hope that all District steering Committees will be able to participate.

Objectives-what do we want to achieve?

  1. Mobilize Churches in your District to participate in Micah Sunday
  2. Mobilize the community and the church to participate in Stand Up Take Action.

Theme: Stand Up Against High Food prices

Stand Up Take Action is a worldwide call to take up action against poverty and inequality and for achieving and exceeding the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Between the 17th and 19th of October millions of people around the Globe will literally and symbolically stand up and speak out demanding their governments keep their promises to end extreme poverty and hunger. Last year more than 43.7 million people in 127 countries took part and set a new Guinness world record. This year rings even louder. Micah Challenge Zambia aims to mobilize over 100,000 people. Every person counts.

We need you to Stand Up and Speak Out to make the Zambian government honour its commitment on the attainment of MDGs.

Taking part is easy. Here’s what we urge you to do:

1. Make announcements in churches through the Ministers/pastors fellowships asking Christians to plan a moment between October 17 and 19 in their workplaces, schools, churches or homes, when they will stop, stand up, and share a moment of prayer and commitment focused on the words of the Micah Call.

2. Prepare churches by introducing Stand Up Take Action in announcements and news bulletin in churches, Sunday schools and small or cell groups before October 17. Encourage Sunday school teachers and cell group leaders to share or to discuss on the words of the prophets and the teachings of Jesus concerning the poor during the week leading to 17th October. On October 19 invite churches to observe Micah Sunday; and during the service that Sunday ask church members to practice the Stand Up Take Action moment as it comes to a climax that day.

3. Demonstrate the challenge of poverty in communities by escorting a senior government or political leader (e.g. MP, PS, Mayor, DC, Council Chairman, or Provincial Minister) to the local market. Get them to spend the equivalent of one US Dollar (i.e. K3500) on their food supplies for the day. Hold a public rally at the market place or another suitable venue where different speakers can address the issue of rising food prices and the impact it’s having on the poor. Invite speakers from the church and the civil society and the government.

4. Invite Christian artists to participate in your stand up activities and endorse the Micah Challenge.

5. Invite like-minded NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and the public to participate in the Stand Up Take Action activities.

6. Approach local schools to organize classroom/school based actives. These can involve among other activities pupils sharing poems, songs, and sketches either at the start of the class or during assembly. The class teacher can explain the significance of Stand Up Take Action, and the need to reduce poverty in our nation. Furthermore pupils can be asked to write posters urging the government to reduce poverty and stick them on the notice board.

7. Plan for a march and a public rally where you can invite the public to participate and musicians and speakers dealing with the issue of high food prices. Use this forum to have people sign a petition that relates to local situation such access to ART, overcrowding in schools, high food prices etc.

8. Hold round table dialogues on MDGs in your district. Invite the public to participate in these discussions

9. Run phone in radio programs on your local community radio station. Contact the Campaign Coordinator’s office to find out what assistance is available for organizing a radio program

10. Hold a sports day for young people under the theme: kicking out high food prices.

11. Finally, you can also organize a prayer summit to pray for God’s intervention in the poverty and hunger situation in your district.

Micah Call

This is a moment in history of unique potential, when the stated intentions of world leaders echo something of the mind of the Biblical prophets and the teachings of Jesus concerning the poor, and when we have the means to dramatically reduce poverty.

We commit ourselves, as followers of Jesus, to work together for the holistic transformation of our communities, to pursue justice, be passionate about kindness and to walk humbly with God.

We call on international and national decision-makers of both rich and poor nations, to fulfill their public promise to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and so halve absolute global poverty by 2015.

We call on Christians everywhere to be agents of hope for and with the poor, and to work with others to hold our national and global leaders accountable in securing a more just and merciful world.

NGO asks presidential candidates for commitment towards MDGs

The Post

NGO asks presidential candidates for commitment towards MDGs

THE POST, Friday, September 19, 2008 – Home News

A CHRISTIAN non-governmental organization has advised presidential candidates in the October 30 election to make a commitment towards the attainment of millennium development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.

And National Royal Foundation of Zambia chairperson Chief Bright Nalubamba (right) has asked presidential aspirants to meet all traditional Leaders to explain their agenda for the rural poor before asking for their votes.

In a statement, Micah Challenge Zambia national facilitator Pastor Lawrence also called on Christians in the country to vote for a person who would promote integrity, righteous and justice.

“We call on all Zambians not to vote tribe, Chibuku, party or age, but character, vision and strategy on how we will attain the millennium Development Goals,” he said.

And commenting on the heads of state meeting on the MDGs to take place in New York on September 25, pastor Temfwe called on leaders from the developing countries to urge G8 nations to fulfill the pledges they made to poor countries.

Pastor Temfwe also expressed dissatisfaction with the US$60 billion pledged by the rich nations towards health.

And chief Nalubamba said traditional leaders need to know what the presidential aspirants stood for so that people know who they were voting for.

“ There is greater need than before for the aspirants to meet the traditional leaders through out the country so that they can explain what they have for the rural poor,” Chief Nalubamba said. We have been marginalized for some time and our people remain poor so we have to know this time around what we are voting for.”

Chief Nalubamba said traditional leaders and the rural poor had the right to know what was there for them from the presidential candidates in the October 30 by-election.

He advised the candidates to reserve some days of their campaign period for a meeting with traditional leaders to discuss issues that affected the rural communities.

“We need to know how each of the candidates intends to work with traditional leaders in the fight against rural poverty,” said Chief Nalubamba. “ There should be no restriction on how should meet traditional leaders to allow the rural people to elect the best candidate. We now have to speak out strongly about traditional leaders’ effective involvement and participation in governance and development as servants of the rural poor.”

Times of ZambiaChristian NGO challenges presidential aspirants

TIMES OF ZAMBIA, Thursday, September, 18, 2008 – HOME NEWS

By Times Reporter

MICAH Challenge Zambia a Christian non-governmental organization (NGO) has urged presidential aspiring candidates to make commitments on how they intend to achieve the millennium development goals (MDGS) once elected into office.

Micah Zambia national facilitator for the organization. Pastor Lawrence Temfwe said in a statement in Ndola yesterday that his organization was urging all candidates for the forth-coming elections to make commitments towards achieving the MDGs.

Pastor Temfwe said it was important that the voters were availed by each candidate what they were promising to uplift the lives of Zambians.

“We call on all Zambians not to vote on tribal lines. Or because of free Chibuku, or according to party lines or according to the age but vote according to the vision and strategy on how we will attain the MDGs.” He said.

Pastor Temfwe called on Christians to vote for a person who would promote righteousness, integrity, hard work, compassion and justice.

He said it was imperative that Christian voted properly because the majority of the voters in Zambia were Christians.

Pastor Temfwe called on the meeting on September 25 that would gather in New York for the eighth year since the signing of the MDGs to work out modalities to achieve them.

He especially called on the summit to effectively address the issue of children affected by HIV and called to intercede for the same meeting.

April – May 2008 Micah News

Central Province Launch

During the month of May we had a launch of Micah Challenge in Central Province. This is the fourth launch in the series of provincial launches. So far we have done launches on the Copperbelt (August 28th 2007), North Western Province (November 20th, 2007), Luapula province (February 5th, 2008).

micah challenge kabwe-crop The Central Province Launch took place on May 28th 2008, at Kabwe Chapel in Kabwe. A total of 150 church leaders, pastors, university students, and members of the civil society attended this meeting which was opened by the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Central Province. Besides this meeting, we had two other meetings with ZAFES groups at Mulungushi University and Nkrumah College of education, where we introduced students to the work of Micah Challenge.

The essence of the provincial launches is to sensitize and engage church leaders and church members about the work of MCZ.

Engagement with the Media

Last month, we released three press releases. The first one was on price surge, the second one was on the occasion of the African Freedom Day, and the last one was on the Central Province Micah Launch

The Campaign Coordinator, Martin Kapenda also had a live interview with Radio Maranatha in Kabwe. The interview was centred on the work of Micah Challenge Zambia and the Central Province Launch.

MDGs Needs Assessment Training Workshop

The MCZ Campaign Coordinator attended the MDGs Needs Assessment Training Workshop organised by the UNDP at Chrismar hotel in Livingstone from 19th to 23rd May. The meeting was facilitated by UN staff from New York, Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho. The workshop was attended by planners from government line ministries and the civil society working in the area of advocacy.

The main objectives for the training workshop were to expose the participants to the following:

  • Translating the long-term goals such as NDP and the MDGs into operational targets.
  • Developing a strategy for increasing absorptive capacity.
  • Strengthening coherence between planning and budget processes and guide programming of expenditure.
  • Providing a monitoring and accountability framework.

Participants were also introduced to MDG Needs Assessment Tools in the following sectors- Agriculture, Education, Energy, Gender, Health, Justice, Roads, and Water and Sanitation.

Stand Up Speak Out

The MCZ National Facilitator, Rev. Lawrence Temfwe, attended a meeting in Lusaka called by GCAP to meet with Mr Salil Shety, the Global Director of the United Nations Millennium. The purpose for the meeting was to discuss the Stand Up Speak Out event which takes place on October 17th and to gain an insight on what was being obtained at a global level with regard to the attainment of the MDGs.

Monitoring Zimbabwean elections

The MCZ National Facilitator, Lawrence Temfwe, the Executive Director of EFZ, Bishop Paul Mususu, and a Steering Committee Member of Micah Challenge joined one hundred other faith based Elections monitors from different African countries in Zimbabwe from 25th to 31st March to monitor the Zimbabwean elections. During his stay in Zimbabwe, Rev. Temfwe was given a unique role of writing press statements on behalf of the group. Please continue to pray for peace to prevail during the forth coming rerun elections in Zimbabwe.

EFZ General Assembly

The campaign coordinator attended the EFZ General Assembly, which was held at GO Centre in Lusaka from 29th to 30th April. A Micah Challenge report was presented which highlighted the activities which were implemented from 1stApril 2007 to 31st March 2008. The report showed that Micah Challenge Zambia currently has over 700 churches, organizations and individuals who have signed the Micah Call. Moreover, the year 2007 marked the first year of the implementation of the MCZ three year Plan for the period 2007 – 2010. During the same period Micah Challenge was officially launched in Zambia.

September UN Summit

President Levy Mwanawasa is likely to attend a UN High Level conference to take place on 25th September 2008 prior to the UN General Council. The aim of the High Level conference is to bring together world leaders, Civil Society and the private sector to help translate existing commitments to the MDGs into action, and strengthen the accountability of all parties in the global partnership for development. Pray that our President, Dr Mwanawasa, will be able to attend this summit and renew Zambia’s commitment to the MDGs. Micah Challenge Zambia will soon be writing to the President to request him to attend this meeting. We will soon be writing to all MCZ District Steering Committees to give them more information on this UN High Level Conference..


We call on coalition members to take note of the following important dates on the calendar of Micah Challenge Zambia.

September 25th UN High level Conference- We will send you more details on what is being planned soon.

October 17th, Stand Up Speak Out –We have sent out a letter to all district committees. We ask you to look at the events you can do as church. Also look out for activities planned by other civil societies and engage them.

October 12th Micah Sunday- We hoping that all Steering Committees members will ensure that this is observed in the churches they lead.

October 8th: Prayer Gathering

Please organize or participate in prayer gathering.