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Merry Christmas and Happy 2012








Merry Christmas and Happy 2012

Dear Friends,

“Peace on Earth, good will toward all people.” It is hard for me, and I think it must be equally hard for you, to imagine any time in history that has been more in need of peace and good will among all people. Or a time when even those of us who name ourselves Christian have been more vulnerable to cynicism and doubt. Where do were look for hope?

Christmas reminds of God’s love and care for all of us. Indeed Christmas demonstrates God’s desire for Shalom. During this festival season let’s continue to be agents of Hope and God’s love by reaching out to people who may not be privileged like us to have shelter, good health and other the necessities of life.

Many thanks for all your support through this year. As always your encouragement and participation in the Micah campaign continues to be a great source of encouragement. A special thank you for praying for us and contributing to the growth of the Micah Challenge coalition in Zambia. Your support is vital in helping with the fight against poverty and achieving the dream of meeting the MDGs. I am always humbled that you consider the work worthy supporting given the myriads of choices you have!

Once again, huge thanks to our many Micah Challenge supporters worldwide, Micah Challenge International and Tear Fund. Your contributions continue to be insightful and relevant. They provide a valuable source to steer the thinking and prioritize issues that need to be covered.

Wishing you all a wonder Christmas and fantastic 2012!!

May the Lord keep you safe and secure during this festive period.







Martin Kapenda

Micah Challenge Zambia

Campaign Coordinator

Micah Challenge Zambia Toolkit

There is a lot about the world that we would like to change; famine, war, pollution etc. However, we can also act to make those changes, through creativity, prayer and campaigning.  Find out how the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) can help to make that happen.

Kindly click on the highlighted link below to download Micah Challenge Zambia Toolkit for District Steering Committees.

MCZ Toolkit