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Rise Up: Global Prayer For a Better World


The G20 will meet in London on 2 April 2009 amidst a current financial crisis which presents a number of potential problems for both communities living in poverty and the rich countries. As the leaders of the 20 leading economies meet they plan to draw up a blueprint for a new global economy that will rise out of the rubble.

The current financial crisis presents numerous challenges:

  • It will hurt economies in both the north and south.
  • Growing numbers of people in the North and majority South will fall below the poverty line and find themselves vulnerable to economic
  • shocks and downturns
  • Donor countries are likely to be more introverted, less concerned about international affairs, finding less money available to spend on matters other than their own economy and services.
  • Countries may fall back into protectionist measures that will damage trade and market access for poor countries like Zambia

Micah Challenge Zambia is calling Christians to rise up and join together in prayer: that our new global economy might be


more squarely founded on the values of our creator God; that the poor amongst us would be lifted up; and that from beneath the shadow of the global economic crisis there might emerge the hope for a better world.

The systems and structures of our world either glorify God or they diminish His glory. And who will raise a voice and reach out a hand to conform these things to God’s model, if not us his people? Rise up with us in global prayer for a better world.


Personal Devotion

Use this guide bellow to pray on each of the 7 days in the run up to the G20

Pray with your family and/or friends

On 2 April join thousands in prayer across the globe. Get together with friends, organization, church or family and pray for the G20 Summit.

Get you church to pray

On 29 March during church service get your church to pray for the G20 Summit. Alternatively a organize church members to meet together early in the morning to specifically pray for this summit.


Tell others about this call to prayer. Email your friends this message to help spread the word.


To download Rise Up Prayer Guide and Powerpoint for use during church service click below:


“…what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness,

and to walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8