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Church has lost direction, laments Chief Mumena – Times of Zambia Newspaper

  Chairman of the House of chief Mumena has said the church in Zambia has lost direction by abandoning its role of giving counsel to the nation to play civil society functions.Speaking at the launch of Micah challenge in the north-western province, chief Mumena said in Solwezi yesterday that it was unfortunate that the church was now described as a civil society.

“We are counselors, to counsel the nation on issues, but the church today is being lumped together with the civil society, shame on us; the church has lost direction; lets get back to the scriptures,” the chief, who is an elder in the evangelical church in Zambia , said.

Micah ChallengeReferring to the stance the three mother bodies have taken in the constitution-making process, chief Mumena said the church was being used as a mouth piece for others calling the shots.

He was speaking at the United Church of Zambia Trinity assembly during the North-Western Province launch of the Micah Challenge Zambia, which is a national coalition campaigning for poverty reduction.

Chief Mumena said the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were the most comprehensive and ambitious commitment the world had ever had in combating the evils of poverty.

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  “The only way we can begin to achieve what we have set ourselves is for everyone to work together; the nations of he world, the international institutions, business and the private sector, and civil society,” he said.

Believing that the MDGs were achievable if all stakeholders took action, he said achieving the MDGs would require increased public investment, economic growth enhanced productivity and creation of decent work.

“As Zambians we do not want new promises but meeting the already made commitments in various declarations. I believe that the MDGs are still achievable if stake holders took action now.” He said.

He said poverty was evil as it marred the image of God in the people, depriving them of opportunities for abundant life and it also impaired within those who had more than enough to embrace the living kindness God asks. “Christians must surely take the lead in pressing to bring that vision closer. How can we follow Jesus if we are not prepared to work to achieve his gospel good news for the poor?” he said.

And Micah Challenge and executive director of Jubilee Centre pastor Lawrence Temfwe said in a Press release that the launch in North –Western Province follows Copperbelt. He said Micah Challenge was a global campaign mobilizing Christians against poverty, and the coalition brought together the main evangelical churches, institutions and organisation to stand together and advocate the MDGs to be met.

“The launch is an opportunity for Christians to come together and respond to the call to stand for justice and act on behalf of the poor. The Micah Challenge Zambia coalition is committed to encouraging Christians to live holistic and responsive lives, caring for the poor in their communities,” Pastor Temfwe said,